Many products, one goal. Developing a new market system that creates shared value through creative reuse of waste products, reducing waste and giving new life and value to objects.

All Custom Regeneration projects are socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable and involve people in fragile conditions, giving them an opportunity for employment and participatory inclusion.

5% of the sale of each product will be donated to inclusive upcycling laboratories.



Today the Renaissance workshop becomes an inclusive upcycling workshop: as was the case in the Florentine workshops, we start with the training of young people, involving design students in upcycling workshops guided by the experience of master craftsmen and designers. Students will share their training and design path with people in fragile situations who Custom Regeneration involves in its production process to give them an opportunity for autonomy and work inclusion. Within these workshops, each person will be valued according to their own uniqueness.


Inclusive mobility is not a luxury of wealthy societies, but a necessity for everyone in every part of the world. It allows people to recognize themselves as such, each with their own needs and rights, and makes communities evolve.

Custom Regeneration has the ambition to set in motion more accessible economic dynamics to support the mobility of disabled people even in countries with difficult individual and social living conditions. A part of the regeneration activity is carried out in collaboration with NGOs, to bring inclusive mobility solutions to countries in need.